08 June 2010

Penang Trip summary, haha !

Venue: Penang Isle
Date: 26th - 30th May, 2010

First of all, how are you fellas ? Doin great ? I hope you guys in a good condition :)

Well, it's been quite awhile I didn't update my blog, sure you guys missed it, HAHAHA ! Nowadays, I'm pretty busy with all stuff, sorry guys.

Enough crapping around, well, here I wanna share some of my experiences when I'm at Penang. Well, nothing much I can say about Penang though, the most interesting event when in Penang is searching for 'Nasi Kandar', haha, there's no doubt about it when you are in Penang, HEHEHE !!

Plus, another interesting venue at Penang is the QueensBay Mall, well, the mall much more likely OU Mall I guess, or even you can say like Mid Valley :) At there, you can go for a muvee, they got GSC, shopping mall and stuff, but too bad there's no Superbowl :(

Guess what, beside window shopping there, we also spending our time by snapping pictures, haha, as memories as what people often said, MUHEHEHE ;p

- guess, who's more fat in here ?? HEHEHE ! -

- me with the Afro Man, hahaha ! -

Well, on the way home, we stopped by the 'Sany Char Kuey Teow' stall, having our dinner there. Actually, my brother who recommend us to eat there, because it's delicious, so, well it's definitely and  totally YUMMYY !!! Guess what, I ate 2 char kuey teow, muhahaha, what to do, cannot evade the power of my starving tummy, HEHE !

- Kapitan Keling Mosque -

On the next day, on noon, we decided to go for 'Nasi Kandar' meals, haha, without wasting any time, we straightly go searching it, by using my phone's GPS (as usual), well, my dad said that there's one Nasi Kandar restaurant which is superb ! It's near the Masjid Kapitan Keling actually. As we arrived there, only got one mamak restaurant there, and that what we're trying to search for, it was 'Nasi Kandar Beratur' restaurant, hehe ! It sounds funny is it ? Well, it's the truth though, don't believe me ??? Okay, here's the proof;

There's nothing much I can say about what's goin on here, because we are REALLY enjoying the nasi kandar, bhahaha, too bad fellas, I really wish you all were here, MUHEHEHE !

- well, this is much more likely my meal, the 'kari sotong' was superb, haha !!! -

- the faces of SATISFACTION, muhehehe ! -

Well, I think that's all I guess, things which I found interesting when hols in Penang, hehe ! I hope you guys enjoy reading it, well, I gotta important things to do now, will update my blog sooner alright ? Do take care fellas, bubye !

- muchos gracias :) -